The 19th Session of the Expert Group for Computerization of the TIR System Held

Friday, September 16, 2011

At the premises of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia, on September 13, 2011, has began the 19th session of the Expert Group, which is entrusted with the task to develop and implement the conceptual and technical aspects of computerization of the TIR system.



The session, which is attended by experts of the TIR Secretariat of the United Nations, European Commission, International Road Transport Union, customs administrations and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, was opened by Predrag Petronijević, Director of the Customs Administration. 


In his address, Predrag Petronijević stressed the commitment of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia to take active part in all bodies and groups engaged in issues related to the efficiency of the international transport and transit of goods. On that occasion, he also pointed out that high priorities of the Customs Administration were the simplification and acceleration of customs procedures, in particular in the field of transit, and also added that there was the need for joint activities aimed to raise the level of efficiency, promptitude and safety of transit.

''We are aware that at this time the transit procedures cannot be made more efficient, simple, operative and safer without using the information technologies. Therefore, we believe that the project of computerization of the TIR procedure is very important to all parties involved in the procedure, including our customs administration», emphasized Petronijević. 


The session ends on September 14, and, in view of the constructive contribution of all participants, further progress in the field of defining and implementing the project of computerization of the TIR system should be expected.

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