Freon R-22 seized at Gradina

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Customs officers at Terminal Gradina customs point prevented smuggling of 10 bottles of banned R-22 freon. The bottles with the banned content were detected on entry in the country in a freezer truck with Bulgarian licence plats.



According to the documentation, the abovementioned freezer truck drove apricot and freon from Bulgaria to Italy, yet, it was established that the documentation was not in accordance with the real state.



Namely, reported officially was one palette of R-134А freon, but the customs officers established it was not that but other type of freon, the import and export of which were banned. Such a mixture must not be used because it can be very harmful to environment, as well as for refrigerating equipment.



On the occasion of the customs check it was established that, on the bottles, behind the freon R-134А label, there was R-22 label. The analysis of the content was carried out immediately with ULTIMA ID device for testing of refrigerating materials, and the test showed that the bottles contained a mixture in which mainly another refrigerant was used, harmful to ozone layer.



Infringement procedure has been launched against the driver, Bulgarian citizen, which was finished urgently, because of the fact that he is a foreign citizen. The driver was fined with RSD 100,000 and with seizure of the bottles of the banned freon R-22.





To remind, in July last year, the customs officers detected the first case o illegal export of refrigerants at Kotroman border crossing. Then, the bottles with banned freon R-22 were hidden in a specially built bunker of the bus and were detected thanks a mobile scanner.

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