Nearly 2 million cigrettes confiscated

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

During an in-depth control conducted near Vršac in the evening hours on July 21, 2014, customs officers prevented the smuggling of nearly 2 million cigarettes.


The cigarettes were found in an “Iveco Eurostar” vehicle, stopped by the customs patrol during an extraordinary control across an OMV petrol station in Vršac.



The driver explained that he was driving from Velika Plana, and was transporting linoleum from Serbia to Belarus.



Immediately after that, the customs patrol began a detailed search and during the examination of the external side of the trailer, they realised that the cable behind the driver’s cabin was cut and afterwards re-taped.



Among the total of 1,864,800 cigarettes, most were of the Marble brand, almost 1,500,000 without excise stamps. Others confiscated cigarettes included Monte, 150,000 with excise stamps of the Republic of Montenegro, City, 140, 000, and 95,000 Pall Mall cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Macedonia.



A proceedings against the 52 year old Serbian citizen has been initiated, while the cigarettes, as well as the vehicle are temporarily confiscated.

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