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Serbian Customs Administration, wishing to further develop a favourable environment for unhindered and facilitated business activities of the operators enjoying a large degree of confidence, created and provided for the implementation of the ''approved exporter''.


Approved exporter is an economic operator that makes frequently shipments of products with preferential origin under Free Trade Agreements acceded by Serbia and providing such possibility; has sought for such authorisation and has obtained the approval of the Customs Administration for making out invoice declarations.  


On granting the status of approved exporter, an economic operator acquires a possibility to make out invoice declarations for the goods of preferential origin, irrespective of the value of the products concerned. This declaration could be given by approved exporter on an invoice, delivery note or any other commercial document which describes the products concerned in sufficient detail to enable them to be identified. Depending on the terms of the given authorisation, such a declaration may be typed, stamped or printed on the invoice, and need not to be signed in manuscript by approved exporter. 


In order to get authorisation for approved exporter, an economic operator has to submit an application and prove that all the requirements have been met. Therefore, the necessary frequency of shipments of products under FTA, high degree of trust in customs operations, and knowledge of rules for origin, are to be determined.

ROO knowledge test

One of the essential requirements for granting the ''approved exporter'' authorisation is evidence of successfully passing the test of knowledge of rules of origin for at least one employee of the economic operator seeking for such status. Interested parties may apply for the rules of origin knowledge tests to the Serbian Customs Administration.




Pursuant to Article 19 of the Customs Law, the Customs Administration issues the Binding Origin Information, BOI.

Binding Origin Information shall be issued on written request submitted by an applicant. Application for Binding Origin Information concerned has to be:

  • made by means of a form conforming to the specimen shown in Appendix 3 to the Regulation on Customs Approved Treatment of Goods   (the Regulation);
  • related  to only one type of goods and one set of circumstances conferring origin;
  • deemed complete if it includes the particulars provided by Article 15, paragraph 4, points 1)-11) of the Regulation, necessary for issuance of BOI.

Where the Customs Administration considers that the application does not contain all the particulars required to give an informed opinion, the customs authority shall ask the applicant to supply the required information.

Binding Origin Information shall be notified to the applicant as soon as possible and within a time limit of 150 days from the date when the application was accepted. The time limit shall run from the moment when the customs authority has all the information needed to reach a decision. 

The Customs Administration shall notify the applicant that the application has been received and the date from which the said time limit will run.

Binding Origin Information shall be binding on the customs authorities as against the holder of information only in respect of the determination of the origin of the goods on which customs formalities are completed after the date on which the information was supplied by them.   

Binding Origin Information is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue.


Application for issuance of Binding Origin Information – BOI  




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