Designer clothes at Kelebija

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Customs officers at Kelebija border crossing point prevented an attempt to smuggle a substantial amount of designer men's clothes, such as Hugo Boss suits.



The exclusive clothes were placed in a trailer of a commercial vehicle that was driving on a Germany – Macedonia route, transporting home furniture.





The customs officers discovered the clothes during a detailed search of the vehicle, when they established that 115 Hugo Boss suits, trousers and suit jackets, 15 Strellson finest men's suit jackets, over 30 Diesel, Levi Strauss, Guess and Belsaf denim trousers, as well as 19 Pauterey and True Religion men's jackets, hidden among new and used home furniture.




Misdemeanour proceedings were initiated against the driver. Since the discovered clothes are worth over one-third of the vehicle, the latter has been confiscated.

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