Pilot Phase of Implementation of the New Computerized Transit System Started

Friday, September 26, 2014

Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia started the process of implementation of the New Computerized Transit System on the 23rd of September 2014. It will enable submission of electronic customs declarations for transit of goods and complete electronic management of transit customs procedures in road traffic.  Paper declaration will be part of the past. It will be replaced by electronic declaration in efficient and safe way.



NCTS is a capital project in which EU invested a few million euros since joining that system is prerequisite for the integration of the Republic of Serbia into the European Union. Customs Administration of Serbia started implementation of the pilot phase of this project according to the plan in five customs posts within Subotica Customs House and it is expected that all customs posts will be part of the network till the end of the year.



NCTS is the first entirely computerized customs system for paperless management which means that transit declaration is electronically submitted and electronically processed by the Customs Administration. It is verified by electronic signature of the declarant while the decision on releasing the customs goods is also being made electronically by Customs Administration.



Transporter company ''Pro Team'' is the first one to submit electronic customs declaration in Serbia which was accepted and processed by Subotica Customs House on customs cargo post Horgos. It is expected that in the following few weeks other economic operators that expressed interest in joining the pilot phase of the project will start using electronic declarations.



Customs Administration will soon provide economic community with the program for electronic submission of declarations free of charge as a form of support for NCTS.

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