The Public Relations Group informs the public about the CAS work results, novelties and modernization so that the general public would have as much information as possible about the CAS mission and strategic objectives and the pace of their achievement.








Information related to the most important CAS activities is presented in clear illustrations, press releases, web portal, press conferences and other suitable ways. In view of the demanding information flow, towards the public and internally,

CAS created its web site and portal, which are updated

on the daily basis.






Press releases, regularly prepared and circulated,

show the results of work,

international relations,

modernization and all

service information that
could be potentially

useful for travellers

or companies.










In the last several years,

thanks to the loan from

the World Bank and CAFAO donation,

two big media campaigns were organised
– Open Customs line and

A Look Full of Experience.

For the twocenturies of -CAS anniversary,

a booklet was published –

Customs and Customs Service in Serbia

(1804-1914), which presents

the customs activity history in this area.












In the lobby of its main office building,

the Customs


is a host of a standing exhibition-

Customs Service in Serbia from

1804 until

the Second
World War.




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