About The Customs

The Customs Administration, part of the Ministry of Finance, is an executive authority of the Government that enforces the customs policy of the Republic of Serbia. Through simplifying the procedures, modernization of customs operations, education of employees and strengthening cooperation with other national institutions and services, as well as by active participation in international and regional customs services cooperation, the Customs Administration contributes to ensuring steady inflow of public revenues, efficient international trading, as well as to upholding security, safety and comprehensive protection.

The Customs Administration performs its tasks and duties through 15 territorial units customs offices, with smaller internal units organized as customs posts and customs units. Through their organizational units, customs offices apply customs procedures in passenger traffic and trade in goods – measures of customs surveillance, customs clearance, prevention of illegal imports, customs administrative procedures and customs offence procedure, sale of customs seized goods, and enforced collection of customs duties.

The Customs Administration ensures proper and uniform application of relevant regulations, controls the operation of customs offices, carries out second-instance customs administrative procedure, coordinates customs operations, prevents smuggling and conducts customs investigations, performs activities related to information technologies, organizational, human resources, financial and material, procurement and general affairs-related issues.  The Customs Administration performs tasks and activities under its competences through six sectors – sector of customs operations and international cooperation, tariffs sector, IT sector, HR and organizational sector, financial and material sector, and sector for control and security. Customs offices also perform a part of HR, financial and general affairs-related activities.

А short film on the customs service

Customs in Serbia has existed for over 200 years, as long as the modern Serbian state. In the short film that follows, discover how it developed and what the customs service does today. Its primary goal is to facilitate cross-border movement of people and trade, but also to protect society from many potential dangers…

The headquarters of the Republic of Serbia Customs Administration is located in New Belgrade, at Bulevar dr Zorana Đinđića 155a.




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