Passenger customs clearance

Dear Passengers,

Customs Administration of Serbia would like to present you the most important rules in order to make crossing of Serbian border a pleasant experience, without stress and unnecessary delays. The following text will remind you of the current customs regulations, give you an overview of your rights and explain what you can do to ensure your journey runs smoothly from start to finish USEFUL INFORMATION FOR PASSENGERS.

First of all, you should be aware that, so-called ''green channel'', where it exists, can be used solely by passengers that do not possess goods subject to import duties.

Otherwise, passengers should use the ''red channel'' where all goods whose value does not exceed EUR 3.000 shall be cleared in a single customs rate of 10% and corresponding VAT.

Efficient organization and implementation of customs procedures of the Customs Administration of Serbia will ensure fast, secure and easy customs control to all those coming, leaving or just passing through Serbia.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our country!

Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia



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